Emissary Relations Public Affairs


Emissary Relations debunks the myth that to grow your existing market share, an organization has to increase the size of its development team. Our firm offers a wide range of services for organizations looking to expand their current operating budgets and institute best practices to maximize fundraising capabilities. We assist in developing and implementing your organizations development strategy, which includes fundraising in the areas of foundations, individuals and growing your corporate base of support. Grant writing and appointment meetings are other important aspects, which need to be incorporated to allow you to meet with existing donors and prospect for new supporters. We want to simplify the process of getting your organization in front of people and allowing you to make the case for your work.

We can assist your organization in any of the following areas:

  • Expand donor prospecting
  • Coordinate fundraising activities
  • Supervise funding calendar
  • Grant writing efforts
  • Conduct and maintain research files
  • Learning the interests of donors